Friday, September 19, 2008

Cookout Utah Style

While we were in Utah we went up High Creek to have a cookout. It is so nice to get up in the mountains once and a while (Ohio is lacking in this category). We had tinfoil dinners, beans and peach cobbler. We also had pvc pipe marshmallow wars. The food was great and the atmosphere was nice as well. There are also a few pictures of one night when we decided to just sit on the porch and watch the moon rise (another thing that I do not do in Ohio). I love Lewiston because it is so peaceful in the mornings and at night. I hope to someday raise my children in a small quiet town like I was able to grow up in.


DJ and Kristin said...

Look at those blue eyes!! How cute!! I am glad you had a great trip, I hope next time you stay longer so we can get together and I can meet little Eddie.