Thursday, December 3, 2009

I love a man with a purse!

A while ago I left my purse at Walmart in a shopping cart. It was there from about six o'clock to eleven. Eddie had to work late that night and I didn't realize it was gone until about eleven. Panicking I started searching both cars and around the house to see if I could find it. Then I realized it was at Walmart. Eddie offered to go to Walmart and see if anyone turned it in. I kept calling until someone finally answered and told me my husband had just picked it up.
I am so grateful for honest people who do the right thing. I had all my credit cards, social security card (stupid I know), money, licence and basically my whole life. I am so grateful for the person who turned it in and I wish I could tell them. I am also thankful for a husband who loves me enough to carry a purse out of Walmart, Thanks Honey.


Tarbet Times said...

I left my purse once in Preston. I never got it back and lost of bunch of money along with everything else. It was a nightmare! Believe it or not, I then left it AGAIN in Logan. This time I got a call from the store owner with money and everything else still in it. It's hard to keep everything straight sometimes! So happy the pin came our okay.