Tuesday, November 2, 2010


On the Monday before Halloween for Family Home Evening we invited Grandma "Nette" (Lynette) over to carve pumpkins. Carson was excited to see Grandma Lynette and just as excited about the doughnuts. I handed him one and he hurried and took a bite, grabbed another one and tried to eat them both at the same time. He got a few bites in before I got the second doughnut away.

Eddie always chooses a harder design, so I finished my pumpkin with Carson about an hour before he did. I choose to use a pattern that I could place on the pumpkin and trace the lines. Carson helped, but kept saying, "this is yucky". He only cleaned out a few scoops before he was done.

Eddie traced out his pattern from a picture online and then busted out the dremmel (spelling?) to etch the design into the pumpkin before cutting. He worked hard into the night before the masterpiece was finished. His tribute to Ohio State lasted only one night(then it shrunk into itself), but was worth it. We were able to get some great pictures before it bit the dust.

Thus pumpkin carving was successful this year. We all had a lot of fun and the pumpkins turned out great. In fact they are still sitting on my porch unsmashed. I guess that is how proud of them I am.


Tami said...

Those are some pretty impressive pumpkins!

Hey, it's me...Jessica said...

Go Buckeyes!

I'm with Carson. 2 doughnuts are always better than 1!