Sunday, September 11, 2011


For Easter (yes Easter I know how behind I am)we went to Lewiston to participate in the egg hunt. Unfortunately Eddie had to go to work so we missed him there. Carson still had a great time though. I was worried that he may not get anything, so I may have followed him to make sure he didn't come up empty handed.
His cousin Ryker was right by him and when they said go my sister encouraged him to go a little too hard and he fell, tripping Carson on his way down. Luckily, they both made it back on their feet and into the chase. Carson wasted no time opening his eggs and enjoying the candy inside. I used to love this event when I was a child and it is fun to see my own son enjoy it as well.

On some of the eggs they hand write the letter P. If you find an egg with a P you can turn it in for a prize. Well Ryker found a P, but Carson and Cooper were not so lucky. Carson didn't seem to care much (he was to into his treats) but Cooper was MAD. I love this pict because you can see just how happy Cooper was to be there.

Afterwards we went to Nanna and Pappa's for another egg hunt. The kids went first and had a great time finding their eggs (with their parents encouragement). Nanna and Pappa also gave the kids Easter books and toys which they loved. Then it was time for the adult egg hunt. My Mom and Dad hid eggs with money in them for us to find. It was a lot of fun running around trying to get eggs before anyone else. My brother Stephen always manages to find a way to come out on top with the most money...grrr!

Our Easter fun continued at Lynette's where all most of the grand kids had another hunt. Each child picked a basket and found eggs that coordinated with their color of basket. Carson had a hard time not picking up every egg he saw, but in the end he got the hang of it.

Afterward we launched a rocket Eddie received from Andy for Christmas. The kids loved watching it, but I think the men loved it the most. There was a tense moment when we thought the rocket might hit the neighbors house, but luckily it missed.

Ever since we watched Tangled Carson has been an expert at doing what we call "the smoulder". I love it and frequently make him take pictures doing it. Here is a little taste of what the smoulder looks like.