Saturday, December 24, 2011

This year for Christmas Eddie recieved a colorful gift from his work Christmas party.  We decided it would be funny to regift to my mom.  She didn't dissapoint with her reaction.  Let's just say it was a creative hot dog roaster.

Carson had a great time opening his gifts.  Well most of his gifts at least.  He didn't like opening his Christmas Eve PJ's.  I cannot blame him though I hated getting clothes when I was his age as well.  Here he is with Cooper on Christmas Eve.

It was so fun having little Soph with us for Christmas.  She is such a sweet baby and she even allowed her brother to open most of her gifts.  She didn't really know what was going on, but it was still fun watching her rip up all the wrapping paper.

My parents had a little bit of fun at the dollar store and found some do-rags for the family.  They were really just nylons in the shape of a hat, but they gave us a good laugh.  Who the men of the household could look so good oh and Soph of course?

Here is my wonderful hubby opening one of his gifts.  His hand weights are such a pain to work with we decided it was time for something easier to use.  We opened a few of the gifts on Christmas Eve because we were not going to be able to all be together on Christmas.