Thursday, December 29, 2011

This year we had the dental school Christmas party at the Hillstrom/Defay home (Defays' are renting from the Hillstroms').  We went out to dinner in Layton and then went back to exchange gifts and visit.  We were not disappointed this year with the white elephant gifts.  We thought our gift was good (and the colorful hot dog roaster was), but the Butterfield's gift was awesome!

I usually always get a picture of each couple, but this year I neglected to.  Here are a few of us starting with the Butterfields' and then the Olsens'.

The Hillstrom's picked the most dangerous game of the night.  On the box it said DO NOT SHAKE and this little guy was why.  Yes, a tarantula.  It was such a great idea Kristina was the one that opened it and she screamed.  James her husband was also very nervous about it.  No one wanted to get too close to the spider especially Aaron Olsen (the one above with the iphone).  He was not a big fan to say the least.  The Butterfields' also brought a live fish and chips.  It was such a great idea for the white elephant!

Here Eddie is sporting a nose warmer we received for the white elephant gift.
We love these guys!  It is always a good time when we get together.  I wish we could live close to all of them!  Thanks to the Defay's for hosting this year.