Monday, May 14, 2012

Following in Mom's Footsteps
Carson was so excited to start soccer this year!  In Logan they have a indoor soccer league for the younger kids at the Rec Center.  I thought he would be really aggressive and push over kids to get to the ball.  I was a little taken back when he wasn't.  I think he had a great time but I couldn't always tell.  One thing is for sure I am worried about Eddie and I.  We are NOT parents that stand silently on the sideline.  I know he is only three but I cannot help myself when I see him playing I have to yell.  They are encouraging words, but they are loud!

 Sophie had a great time watching her older brother.  She had so much fun that she couldn't stay seated and she wanted to crawl right in the middle of the game.  He she is with her excited face.
Carson after the first big game.  He worked so hard he needed the stroller to take his tired legs home.  He especially loved the treats after the games.
We were lucky enough to be on a team with our neighbor Alan.  He was one of the stars of the team and him and Carson are great buddies.  We were happy they were able to be together.  Reed our other neighbor played also.  Unfortunately, he wasn't on the same team but we were able to get some cute picts.  Here is Alan, Reed, Owen and Carson posing after the last game.