Saturday, April 7, 2012

Artistic Easter Abilities

After the Easter Egg Hunt we headed to beautify some eggs.  We knew Carson would get a little messy so we borrowed a shirt from Nanna.  He was so excited to dye, glitter and draw on the eggs and he did a great job!

Each of us showed a little artistic side and the inner child came out as well.  Here is Eddie's beautiful striped egg and my yellow one.  We say we are dying Easter eggs for Carson but secretly we want to do it for ourselves as well. 
Sophie was excited as well but you cannot see it from the expression on her face. 

Nanna and Pappa surprised Sophie and Carson with some goodies.  They were really excited to get t their surprises.  Sophie especially loved the big bunny Pappa picked out for her and the minute she got it she buried her face into it and smiled.