Sunday, August 24, 2008

Four Years and Counting

Wow! How lucky am I we made it to four years. I know that this post is late we were actually married on the 18th of August but I figured better late than never. I want to take this opportunity to give you 10 things I love about my husband. In no particular order they are:
10. He still opens the door for me whenever we go anywhere.
9. He treats me as an equal and values my opinion.
8. He works very hard in whatever he does and I know he will be a great provider for our family.
7. He shovels the snow, fixes everything, and can build anything I ask.
6. He makes me laugh.
5. He eats whatever I cook and usually keeps the bad comments to a minimum (I have trained him well).
4. He honors his priesthood and church callings and has a relationship with his Savior.
3. He loves our son unconditionally (even at 3 in the morning).
2. He will be with me forever and he never gives me a reason to doubt it.
1. He is still the man I fell in love with four years ago.


Sheena Larkin said...

Happy late anniversary!! I thought of you guys on the 18th and meant to send you a text wishing you a happy day. I loved the Eddie countdown. He is such a great guy and so lucky to have such a neat wife. Love ya!!

P.S. We got Carson's announcement and love it, Jerilee saw the blog and agrees that he looks like Stephen. Also, thank you for the sweet note and earings. Miss you!!

Todd, Ashley & Chase said...

You guys are so cute! Wow 4 years! That went by so fast. It seems like just last week we were getting together in our trailor(s) for some exciting event!

Aaron and Angie Olson said...

Michelle, that was so cute and sweet for you to do. What a great guy you have on your hands. I'll have to get Aaron to read this about how he still opens your car door or I'll just sit in the car until he gets the hint. =) love ya lady.

Haslem Family said...

I'm at four years, too! Time flies! I never did see your wedding announcement, it was way cute - and so is your little guy. He's darling swaddled up in that white blanket.

David & Maggi said...

that is one mad good looking kid. i am really surprized you helped create that.
Dave Ross

Brad Leishman said...

Great blog guys. I just found it through the endless friend link trail. Congrats on the four years and the baby. He is going to be a stud just like his old man.