Sunday, May 31, 2009

Road Trip

This past week we headed down to Kentucky to go to Mammouth Caves National Park. It was really neat to see the caves and the scenery on the way there. We went with two other couples and really had a great time. As you can see Carson is perfectly comfortable in his carseat as long as a certain sippy is involved.

While we were there I tried to show everyone how to do fireballs. It turned out that mine were all duds and the other three that tried rocked. I have the singed arm hairs to prove it.

We also saw some crazy stuff there. Driving down the road we almost hit a turtle. Eddie stopped so I could snap a picture and feel the shell. We also took a picture of a deer and noticed a purple something hanging off of it. Does anyone know what it is?? We thought that it might be a tumor or something.

On the way home we almost hit a deer on the freeway. We were going so fast and didn't see it until it was right in front of the car. We must have missed it by centimeters. We were also stuck in a traffic jam on the freeway due to an overturned semi that had caught fire. Even with these minor setbacks it was a great time. Thank you Defay's for setting it all up for us.


Elisa said...

sounds like you had as much of an adventure just GETTING there as you had at the caves! Too bad you didn't get a pic of the burning semi, that would've been pretty sweet.

maybe it is a giant tick? all filled with deer blood? They do call them deer ticks, afterall. That would be gross, but maybe...