Sunday, May 31, 2009

Buckeye Hall of Fame Party

On Friday we went to the Buckeye Hall of Fame for Eddie's senior class dinner. The food was really good and it was fun to see a lot of his classmates there. Eddie also won a $50 gift card to itunes so we need an ipod now. This first picture is of his class.

My friend Kristina is a non meat eater (other than chicken) she was dared to eat a meatball and decided to take the challenge. Here she is before the dreaded bite.

When we arrived they had little place cards for us. We sat by some friends from dental school and enjoyed the good food.

The party died quickly after the dinner so we decided to mess around and take some pictures. The guys were grumbling by the end of the night but I know they will thank us later. The restaurant we were at is a great place to see Ohio State memorabilia.


Brad Leishman said...

Congrats! Dr. Hutchison. That is truly a great accomplishment.