Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eden Still Exists

Who knew? There is a small valley just to the south of Cache Valley where paradise still exists. We were able to spend a week there. Well maybe not paradise, but it was beautiful.
My Dad and Mom gave Eddie a time share for his birthday and we decided it was about time to use it. I should have taken more scenery pictures because it was truly beautiful. Our timeshare was located by the main lodge for Powder Mountain. It was on the top of the mountain overlooking Ogden and Cache Valley.
For the first night James and Kristina came up. It was fun to see them and to spend time there. They left after the first night and it is probably lucky they did because during the night it snowed and it kept snowing until there were at least six inches on the ground. They only had a car and the last mile of the road was dirt and very steep.
We came back Sunday because Eddie had to work and my Grandma's viewing and funeral took place. Then on Monday Carson and I headed back up with Ashley, Cooper and Ryker. The condo had three bedrooms so we were able to keep the kids happy in the three different rooms.
We went up late on Monday and when we were about a half mile away the truck started slipping back on some ice. The snow had melted slightly during the day making it very slick. There were a few tense moments until I finally got the four wheel drive in. We made it up to the top with three sleeping kids around eleven o'clock.
The rest of the week Ashley and I passed the time by doing crafts and exploring. Cooper even made a snowman and we swam in the pools. Brad and my parents came up the last night and we enjoyed the pool and a little nintendo wii. I would highly recommend such a beautiful spot to everyone.


Ariel said...

Fun. I am glad that you guys finally got to use that time share of yours.
Noah has that Blue Old Navy jacket too! Carson looks smashing in it.
I really miss you and hope we get to see you at Christmas.