Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dental School Christmas Party

This year the Hillstroms' hosted the Dental School Christmas party. We ate at Olive Garden in Layton and then went back to the Hillstroms' beautiful new house for hot chocolate, brownies and white elephant gifts. Eddie decided to bring a scandelous gift from us and that was for the most part a hit.
Here are the couples that attended the party, starting with the Hillstroms'who live in Farmington:

The Defays' who currently live in Iowa

The Olsens'who currently live in Arizona

And Us

We had a great time with our friends and we miss them a lot! We were lucky to have such great people to keep us company in Ohio. Hopefully this party can become a yearly occurance.
Here is a picture of the girls in the group.

Here I struggled taking the group picture

Thank you Hillstroms' for hosting such a successful event. You are definately great party planners!


Marie said...

looks like you guys had fun! :) everyone looks great.

The Hillstrom family said...

Thanks for posting those photos- I am and will forever be a slacker on the blog. Although my self esteem plummeted when I saw those ugly photos of myslelf. ha ha. That was so much fun! It will for sure be a tradition!! Thanks for making the drive- we love you guys! I thought your gift was classic. Lets play soon. I love my new clothes- thanks!! TTYL.