Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle All The Way

On Christmas Eve. we headed to Lewiston where our adventure started with a horse drawn sleigh ride. The Johnsons' are our cousins and they graciously offered to take us on a ride. It was so much fun to be pulled by such beautiful animals and spend time with such fun people. The horses were gigantic and very strong. This team was not his biggest and I cannot imagine what those animals must look. We enjoyed hot chocolate and some beautiful scenery along the way.

After the sleigh ride we went to the other Buttarss' house. My aunt Robyn and uncle Kent live next to my parents and it is a tradition to go to their house on Christmas Eve. It is so much fun and there is always plenty of food and fun. We also have a tradition of taking a photo of everyone at the party. Every year we get some complaints, but I think everyone knows that they are fruitless we are going to take the picture anyway. This is Eddie's favorite picture because he is the tallest, the Buttars were not blessed with the tall gene.

For some reason a few of the men decided to sport some beards. Here are the mountain men themselves Brad, Paul and Nick.