Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday Surprizes

It was Eddie's BiRtHdaY on the 26th of March and to celebrate we (I mean I) decided to try snowshoeing. I asked/made Eddie come along with me and we set out up Logan Canyon to find a trail. My Dad suggested the Temple Fork area so we made our way up there. Unfortunately the snowshoes were not needed. The snow was hard enough that you could easily walk on it. We put them on anyway to get a feel for them.
We followed a hiking trail up the mountain and found the biggest beaver dams I have ever seen. There were several along the way that we admired. I could not believe the size of the trees that the little guys were cutting down.
Along the way we ditched our snowshoes and some gear that we didn't need. Unfortunately we began to get into deeper snow and had to turn around before reaching our final destination. It was a good experience (you might hear differently if you ask Eddie) and I want to go back to the trail in the summer.

Of course I had to make a cake for Eddie I was throwing around different ideas, but ended up with This....

I figured that I couldn't go wrong with an Ohio State birthday cake. So HaPPy BiRtHdaY to my honey. You are so loved!