Saturday, June 26, 2010

Only One Lagoon

This year Carson and I ventured out to Lagoon with some of my fam. Eddie had to work =( so we had to go without him. Starting out was a little cold, but Carson and Cooper could not wait to get into the water. We decided to hold them off by putting them on the merry go round.

From there we headed out to the ferris wheel. Carson loved being up high and was not scared even when the wheel stopped at the top. He almost lost Grandma's glasses off the side of the ride, but luckily they were saved.

At one point it began to rain and hail. We were on a ride when it started and I felt something hit my head. I was mad and started looking around to see who threw something at me when the heavens opened with hail. We had to finish the ride, so Ashley and I sheltered out children while we were pelted with dime sized hail. Luckily, we decided to tough the rain out and had a great time on the rest of the rides.

Carson and I got soaked on the Log Ride these candid shots were taken right after the harrowing experience.

Thanks to Dad and Mom for the discounted tickets and everyone for such a great time! We will have to make it an annual event!


Marie said...

I haven't been to Lagoon in years! It looks like you had a great time. Carson is getting so big! He is DARLING.