Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hyrum Dam

On the second of July Brad and Ashley asked us if we wanted to go boating. We decided it would be fun to get Carson a lifejacket and see how it went. Carson loved the lifejacket. He wanted to keep it on all the time and kept saying, "I go boat".
When we got to Hyrum Dam he couldn't wait to go in the water. He went on the tube with Daddy and then wanted to go with Ashley and Brad. He then went with Nanna and Pappa as well. We had a lot of fun and cannot wait to go again.

While at the dam we saw a lifeguard standing on the top of Big Toe. We wondered what he was doing and how he could get down quickly enough to save anyone. It wasn't until we read the paper the next day that we found out he was fake. Apparently someone stole him from his post and the owners wanted him back. We were definitely fooled by him.