Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nifty Nifty Look Who's Fifty!

My Mom!

This wonderful woman is my Mother. I am so lucky to have her for a Mom. She has put up with me for so many years and still loves me. I was never one to say "I hope I don't turn out like my Mom" I hope I turn out just like her. She is strong, smart, loving, spiritual, fun, and so many other things. I love how much she loves to be Carson's Nana. He loves her so much as well.
We went easy on her and kept the old jokes to a minimum (other than the old bag comments) considering what both parents were going through at the time of her birthday (it was right after my Dad's surgery). My Brother gave her a certificate to ifly in Ogden and we plan on all going as a family for her birthday.

My sister was really excited for her as well! Here is a picture of her taken the morning of my Mom's birthday.

It is probably because later in the day Ashley and I took her out for pedicures and lunch at the Elements. It was so fun to spend some time with both of them. It is rare that we are all together without any children or obligations for a few hours. We decided to make it an annual event.


Hey, it's me...Jessica said...

Mothers are angels! I love your mom, she is always so nice and thoughtful.

50 years isn't old. Plus, she looks like she just turned 32.

nicole said...

oh my who did the wrapping paper! soo cute!