Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We Love Grandpa Jude and Puppies

In August we headed to Vernal to celebrate my Grandpa's 80th birthday. We went to Diamond Mountain where my cousins built a cabin on Grandpa's land. It was supposed to be a small family event until my aunt Susan decided to put an announcement in the paper and invited everyone to come up to the mountain for dinner.
Many of my Grandpa's friends told stories about him and it gave me a greater insight into the man he is. My grandpa is a really hard worker, he still tries to go to work every day. He has given much of his life to his work and takes great pride in it.
We had a great time and Carson LOVED my cousin Josh's dogs. Josh raises and trains hounds to hunt with and sell. I counted over twenty dogs at the cabin. There were quite a few puppies and Carson constantly tried to pick them up and pet them. By the end of our stay they tried to run from him. At one point they all grabbed onto his clothes and pulled him down. He was a little nervous for a second, but went back to chasing them afterward.
We had our annual cousin's soccer game and my team lost. I played poorly and will have to redeem myself next year. The other team recruited a player from South America to play which I am not sure was legal, but o'well, there is always next year.

One of the days we went to a fish hatchery. It was fun to see all the fish and the kids were amazed by how many there were. While at the hatchery we saw the biggest buck that I have ever seen in the wild. It ran right through the hatchery and by our car.

These next two pictures are of the birthday dinner for my Grandpa. He is sitting in the middle of the picture with the cowboy hat. My cousin J.D. is the one standing and telling a story about him. My Dad also cooked dutch oven which is always a hit and there was so much food we ate it for the next week. We always have a great time when we are with our Vernal relatives. They are always planning something fun or crazy and we love it!

Here are a few random misc. pictures.