Saturday, April 16, 2011

Second Annual Dental School Christmas Party

The Hillstrom's were kind enough to host another Chirstmas party last year. It is a lot of fun getting together with this group. I wish we could find time to do it more often. We went out to dinner at a chinease restaurant in Bountiful to start the night off (I think it was called the Mandarin or something). Anyway, the food was really great and then we headed back to the Hillstrom's beautiful house.
There we had dessert and exchanged white elefant gifts. The guys get pretty creative in their gifting and it is always fun to see what they come up with.
The fist picture is Dave, Ariel, Angie and Aaron. The second one has Kristina with Tonya, and Brad. The third picture has Kristina and James and the last you should know although we both look a little goofy.

The gifts didn't dissapoint this year and I will let Eddie tell you what he came up with. It was a great night and I hope that it is a tradition we can continue (thanks to the Hillstrom's).