Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yes, I am still blogging

I know it is almost Easter, but I am going to get caught up with my blog if it kills me. So just go back a few months with me to Christmastime and reminisce. This year the Hutchison Family Party was held at Lynette's home. As always the food was great and the children were wild.
This year Grandma and Grandpa Hutchison decided to hire a magician to come. I think his name was Dexter and he came from Saint George to perform (he used to live in Cache Valley). In the Hutchison family they used to have a magician come every year for the Christmas party. It has been quite a while since they have had one, but now that the great grand kids are getting bigger he came.
It was fun to see the performance and the kids seemed to enjoy it. Well, all but one at least. Carson seemed to think it was more fun to run around everywhere instead. I was a little disappointed that he didn't watch, but I need to realize that he is only two. I still cannot figure out the magicians tricks, but that's what makes it fun.

The grand kids have a hard time sitting still for pictures, so this was as good as I got. At least Carson was having one of his rare sit still moments.
After the magician the kids made gingerbread houses. Lynette had them prebuilt so they could just decorate them with candy. It was fun to see them enjoy themselves in this activity.
I think Carson was just amazed that we would set bowls of candy in front of him and he was allowed to touch it. His gingerbread house was definitely stickier than any of the other kids, but it was beautiful to me! I just feel bad for the candy that was licked and then placed back in the bowls, sorry guys!

Next, onto the adult gift exchange. We each bring a nice gift that we think others would want to have. This year movies, gift cards and Nerf guns seemed to be the most popular. I made off with a gift card to Chilis and I am cannot quite remember what Eddie received.

Here is our attempt at getting a family picture during the event. As you can see we adopted a new member... Thanks Kade!