Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Just plain Nasty!

Forever ago Carson, Eddie and I went to Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center. Last year I went with my Mom, but this year Eddie was able to make it. We had a great time an Carson loved being able to see all of the animals. He loved the horses, but his favorite part was the train of course. This year was the first year I have seen the turtles. They were so cute and slippery. I accidently dropped one on it's back (hope the little guy was ok).

This year they also had a theatrical gun fight. It was really fun to watch but as you can see from the pictures Carson was a little terrified.

After the heritage center we went to Riverdale Resort with my sister and her family, BIG MISTAKE! The resort has gone down hill majorly! I almost fell on the slippery stairs trying to get into the pool. The ramp that went down into the pool was just as trecherous.
By the time we finished swimming my white shorts were a pleasant shade of putrid green. Algae was also found inside my swimming suit even after I had showered (sorry TMI I know). We still had fun with the Rich family, but we will never be going back again. I think the ditch we used to swim in as children was cleaner.


Tami said...

Brent and I went to River Dale for our 2nd wedding anniversary. It was in really sad shape then and that was 11 years ago. Can't even imagine how bad it must be now.

Marie said...

I can't believe how big Carson is! He looks so cute on that horse ride :) So sorry about the gross water!