Friday, August 19, 2011

We Heart Dad!

We celebrated the anniversary of my Father's heart surgery by having a cook out up High Creek Canyon. I am so impressed by how well he has taken care of himself this past year. I cannot believe the difference in him this year compared to last year after the surgery. His fun personality is back and he is doing great with his treatment.

Whenever I think of his surgery I cannot help but feel so blessed that he is even with us still. I think of when the doctor told my Mother and I that a heart attack would have finished him immediately and I want to hug him. He is such a wonderful Father and I am happy that my children will get to know their Papa.
We brought some amazing food and had a great time sitting around the fire. For dessert we had cupcakes with chocolate hearts on top. The kids (especially Carson) really enjoyed them.

At one time Papa took the boys down to the river and they got a little close. Carson's pants were soaked, but he didn't care. He loves being outside just like the rest of us. My aunt Susan was also in town which was really fun.

Roasting marshmellows is definately a favorite thing to do for all the boys. I don't know if Carson got close enough to melt his, but we helped him out. Sophie was also at he cookout. She was really good, but got a little cold at the end.