Wednesday, November 30, 2011

There is Only One Galoon!

This year we decided to brave the crowd with a newborn and go to Lagoon (Galoon as Carson would say it). I was a little apprehensive with Sophie being so little, but it turned out to be a great time. Carson and Eddie had fun on the new roller coaster for kids and adults (or should I say Eddie had fun and Carson was terrified).
We went with my parents and sister's family. My sister lives in Farmington, so it was nice to leave for a few hours to refuel and come back. Carson was a champ for the most part and only got scared on the Tidal Wave and the above mentioned roller coaster.

Sophie even had her share of adventure when we took her on the Ferris wheel. My nephew Ryker about gave my sister a heart attack when he kept trying to climb out of his seat at the top of the ride.
We ran into some of my cousins from Vernal which was also a fun surprise while we were there. One of my favorite parts was when the boys all went into the bumper cars. Carson had no idea how to steer and just ended up going in circles. Cooper and Ryker got into the same car an proceeded to fight over who who was steering. Ryker started pinching Cooper and there was nothing Ashley (my sis) could do but threaten from the sidelines. We all had a good laugh and eventually when the ride started they decided they would take turns steering.

You've got to love the boat ride. This thing has been around for a long time. I have pictures of when I was little on a lot of the rides. It is fun to see my kids enjoying the same rides that I did when I was their age.
We decided to end the night with the classic log ride. During the day the line was huge, but at night there was no line and we walked on. We had a lot of fun and managed not to get too soaked. Cooper on the other hand hit his head and had a traumatic experience. Hopefully he will forget by next year.

After the log ride Eddie tried to get Carson to go on the new coaster one more time. They managed to make it to the front of the line before Carson threw a fit and decided it was too scary to go on again (poor little guy). We had a great time and Sophie was even a champ. I am lucky to have two great kids!