Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy 4th

This year for the 4th of July we headed to Lewiston again. There is something about a hometown parade that I love and now that Carson is a little older he is getting into the candy and festivities. He loved seeing all of the floats and partaking of the bounty that was to be had.
Sophie is still a little young to get into the fun. Nanna and Pappa were kind enough to take her throughout the parade so I could help Carson get candy. My Grandma Meriel also came and had a good time. She was even singled out by the old folks home for some treats. Carson was trying to get them to hand him the treats, but they walked right past him and straight to grandma. We got a kick out of how they singled her out.

It sprinkled a little during the parade, but not enough to get soaked. It was a lot cooler then I thought it would be in the morning, but by the afternoon it was perfect. After the parade we headed into the park to the booths and carnival. Carson wanted to ride all the rides and jump in all the bounce houses. He had a great time at the park and then headed to my parents for more fun.

This year Sonya and Rod also joined us for the fun. We decided to put water balloons on the tramp and jump with them. Of course this led to a water fight. My sister Ashley and her husband Brad were also there with their kids. Brad is way competitive and started the fight. Naturally Ashley and I couldn't let him win and even when he ran into the house we followed him with buckets of water.
My favorite part was when Eddie was sneaking out onto the roof to throw water on us outside. I followed him until he was out on the roof and when he turned to grab his water I soaked him. It was so funny. I hardly ever surprise him and I got him good! I was a lot of fun and Sonya was right there helping Ashley and I.
Finally, I was soaked and Brad was barely wet. I decided it was not over until he was soaked too. He was jumping on the tramp with Ryker and I attacked with the hose. He kept trying to hold Ryker in front of him as a shield, but I still sprayed. Luckily, Ryker forgave me. Although I think it may have scarred him a little.
It was a really fun water fight for everyone involved. Before we knew it the fireworks were about to begin uptown. Eddie and I tried to dry our clothes in the dryer before we had to head to the fireworks.

As you can see I love the fourth of July. It always seems like we have a great albeit tiring day. I hope my kids will have as many wonderful memories of that day as I do.