Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween

I LOVE HALLOWEEN. I don't know what it is about Halloween that makes it so great. I love seeing all the cute little kids dressed up and the many activities that take place. There aren't that many years in our lives that we get to dress up our kids, and maybe that is another reason why it is so fun for me right now. This year Carson was a shark and Sophie was a ballerina.
We started out the celebrating with an amazing ward party. A family in our ward went to a lot of work to put it together and Carson had a great time there. They had games, prizes, pictures and food followed by trunk or treating.
We also had a party at Ashley's house in Farmington. The kids made monster treats, played games and had a costume parade.

On Halloween we got a late start, but decided it would be best to visit the grandparents. We started at Grandma Audrey's and then headed to the Bartletts. Afterward we made it to Grandma Lynette's where Carson was spoiled. We walked around the neighborhood a little and then went to Lynette's new neighbor's. Carson got spoiled like crazy there! They said we were their only trick or treaters and they gave him candy, several toys, as well as a pez truck with refills. He was thrilled to say the least.
Afterward we headed out to Lewiston to see Nanna and Pappa. The pumpkin crop was really good this year and Pappa found some of the best and made some great Jack o Lanterns. They even placed one by the road with with strobe light in it. The pumpkin was stolen off the road but the thieves left the strobe light (how nice of them). All in all it was a great Halloween and I cannot wait for next year!