Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend in Vernal
We decided to go to Vernal again for Memorial Day.  A lot of the family came and it ended up being really fun.  One of the stops we made was to Flaming Gorge Dam.  It is always fun going to see and we stopped at the bridge right before the dam.  My uncles used to jump off the bridge into the Gorge.  It scared me even thinking about doing that.  We tried to get a group picture and this is the best we could do.  After taking pictures We headed to the lodge and had lunch.  While there we bought a fishing pole for Carson.
We loved the pond at Red Canyon Lodge.  Carson and Eddie would cast and the fish would bite.  It was so much fun for Carson and Eddie.  Pappa was there to help pull out the hook when the fish was caught.  We wanted to keep fishing, but Carson got tired of it after a while.

While we were at the cabin it was REALLY windy.  We even contemplated finding a way to wind serf across the late.  D.R. dared me to swim across the lake for $500.  I was contemplating it when Stephen took up the challenge.  It was FREEZING so we decided he needed a life jacket.  He made it with record time and D.R. knew he was in trouble!  After Brynna found out, D.R. decided he better win back some of his money.  Stephen told D.R. he would pay him $450 to swim back across.  D.R. was so funny swimming across he was screaming like a girl about how cold it was.  It was so funny to watch! 

Jori took Carson for a little horse ride around the haystack when we were about to leave.  He was loving it.  He is such a trooper when it comes to trying new things.  I love watching my kids do things I used to love when I was little.

The kids did great and we had fun visiting everyone.  I look forward to then next time we get to go and visit.