Saturday, March 28, 2009

Daytona Beach

Here is another glimpse of our Florida trip. Last Monday our little vacation group decided to make our way to the beach to meet up with Eddie's missionary companion Craig and his wife Cassie. They are such a fun couple and I wish that we could have spent more time with them. The day was a little gray and cold but we still enjoyed the sand and what sun we could find. The babies loved the sand and when Carson first touched it he could not stop laughing. I think half the beach ended up in his mouth but he had a great time.

We were able to drive right down on the beach and park. There were tons of people and a lot of homies rolling down the beach with their souped up cars and blaring music. It was a new experience for us and a fun one.

After the beach we headed to the Daytona 500 track. I am not a big Nascar fan and I am not sure I know anyone that is, but it was still fun to see. Just a warning to anyone that may venture here. Do not ask any questions about Nascar in general to the staff. They will make you feel like an idiot. Craig asked a few questions and they could not believe that he didn't know that they come out with a new Nascar car every year (yea like that is common knowledge). I guess we will have to work on our beer bellies, and bleached blonde hair before we fit in better with that crowd. Sorry the pictures here are so lame I should have taken a good one with Craig and Cassie but for some reason we didn't. Maybe next time. One more thing the picture of cement is Jeff Gordon's hand prints. I guess all the Daytona winners put their handprints in the cement at Daytona.


acutely cherished said...

Oh, the beach!! Looks like so much fun, glad to have ya back though!!

Lissa and Jesse said...

Well my dear, you can now say that you OFFICIALLY DO KNOW someone who is a nascar fan! Here I am!! The first four years of my marriage, sundays were spent watching it! No joke. But I still would have been a bigger fan of the beach!

Horrocks Fam said...

Looks like a fun trip. A beach and nice weather sound so nice right now! By the way, your hair is darling in the pictures! You look so beautiful! When are you guys coming to Utah next? We need to go on another bear hunting adventure!