Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Official My Hubby has his DDS

We are so very proud of Eddie. Four years of dental school completed with flying colors. On June 7, 2009 Eddie adorned himself in the cap and gown and graduated from The Ohio State University. Throughout the four years I was continually surprized at how much work he was capable of getting done. Dental school was an experience that we will both never forget.

ThE FiRSt YeaR
The first year was definately a year of adjustment for both of us. Me at work for Origins and Eddie at school. It was a busy time because we both seemed to have opposite schedules. I worked a lot during the weekends and Eddie was busy at school. We moved to an appartment next to the freeway and two HUGE water towers. The water pressure was amazing but the view not so great. We made friends slowly at first, but by the end of the year we had made some wonderful friends.

This year was definately the hardest. Many days I found that my interaction with Eddie consisted of me or him coming home speaking for a few minutes. He would go upstairs and I would be downstairs. Dinner consisted of me taking something upstairs for him and his studying going long into the night. Many nights I would go to bed without Eddie and wake up after he was already awake again studying. The long year ended with the written boards. Only after Eddie passed the boards were we both able to take a sigh of relief and consider the second year over.

ThIrD YeAr
Yay. No longer a single woman. A little more free time and a lot more Eddie to see. This year was the most life changing out of them all. It is the year that Carson was born and the year we lost Grandpa Hutchison. We both experienced the happiest and saddest moments of our lives. As far as dental school goes, Eddie still had clinic and class but he enjoyed being able to practice more practital dentistry and memorize less.

The beginning of the end. This was the shortest of all the years. We both stressed about getting getting requirements done and deciding where to end up. Around the half way mark of this year was when it started to hit both of us that dental school was almost over. It was sad to realize that we would soon be saying goodbye.

There are not really words adequate enough for me to express how much pride and appreciation I feel for my husband. He works so hard to accomplish his goals and I am continually in awe of him. These past four years have made me realize just how strong he is. He has had to endure many hardships and he always comes out on top. I love him so much and I know he will make a great dentist!

Here are some pictures from graduation.


Jessica said...

You rock Eddie!

I love dentist's. They're hot!

Marie said...

Congrats guys! Are you in Logan yet?

Tarbet Times said...

Congratulations to you both! We're so happy to have you back. We love you both!

David and Maggi said...

goodf or eddie. i honestly thought he wouldn't make it, but he proved me wrong. ok, i am just kidding. i always thought he was really smart. now that he is a dentist you should take a vacation to vegas and come see the ross'

Ashley said...

Once again, CONGRATS! I'm sure the four years weren't easy but it will be worth it!