Sunday, October 24, 2010

Green Canyon Corn Maze

This year we decided to try the Green Canyon corn maze out. We both have been there before, but thought it would be a good year to go again. We met up with the Ballard family and headed out to North Logan. The kids couldn't wait to get started and we had to call them back a few times, so we wouldn't lose them.

Here are the cute Ballards' on top of the stand in the middle of the maze. We also tried to have the kids sit for a quick picture. As you can see it is always an adventure to ask this many kids to sit. From our vantage point we could see we were headed in the right direction. A little further down the path we found a concession stand that where we sugared up the children so we could keep going. They were champs and hardly ever complained. Finally we made it to the end, it was dark and definitely time to be done. We had a great time though and want to make this adventure an annual thing.